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Eco Kitchens handmade in New Zealand

At Natural Kitchens we are always aiming for the smallest possible environmental impact from the things we do:

Natural Kitchens New Zealand | natural home kitchen
  • we use only sustainably grown and harvested timbers, preferably from New Zealand.
  • our oil and oil wax finishes are natural products that do not off-gas in your home, thereby making your living space safer for your family's general health.
  • we make our product to last and use only top quality hardware preferably manufactured in countries with strong environmental and labour regulations in place.
  • we have a comprehensive recycling and power-saving policy.
  • we produce part of our power with a photovoltaic system and use rain water for our toilets.
  • our workshop and office need no heating due to the high level of insulation and double glazing in place.